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Move Management

Graceful Transitions provides downsizing and moving services designed to eliminate the physical effort and reduce the overall stress associated with moving. Your Team Lead will arrange, schedule, plan, coordinate, and supervise all aspects of the move based on the plan you develop together and will be in communication with you throughout the process to confirm all arrangements, inform you in advance of each step, and provide guidance for each upcoming activity.

Creation of Floor Plan

Expert space planning is an option that is offered to insure that all furnishings will fit comfortably in your new home. Our space planning specialist will visit the new residence to take exact measurements, accurately marking electric and cable outlets, windows and doors, etc. She will then meet with you to discuss your priorities and preferences and to measure your furnishings. Using your input and the information collected, she will produce a computer-generated preliminary floor plan, which you and she will work together to finalize. Most of our clients take full advantage of this service

Plan of Action

You will be assigned a Team Lead who will get to know you and your unique needs, and will carefully tailor a personal plan of action based on your desires and priorities. Thereafter, all activity related to you and your move will be handled by the same person who knows your specific plan and all of your special requirements. She will schedule activities and appointments and will coordinate with all companies and individuals involved in your relocation or home reorganization project.

Sorting & Organizing

With sensitivity to “letting go” issues, your Team Lead will assist you in sorting through possessions, guiding you through the decision-making process to determine what can move with you and what can be sold, donated or given to family members.

Dispensation of Excess Possessions

We will arrange to have excess items taken to dealers for sale, to charitable organizations for donation, or to waste and recycling facilities for disposal. Sensitive papers can be taken for shredding in a secure manner. If you desire, arrangements could also include transfer of belongings to a secure storage facility.

Inventory & Labeling

Items that are to be moved to the new residence will be tagged for easy identification by the packers, movers and Graceful Transitions crew members. Furniture will be tagged and numbered according to the floor plan for ease and accuracy of set-up, and boxes will be carefully labelled to reflect where they should be unpacked.

Pack and Load

For the first phase of your move, your Team Lead will be at the old residence to supervise the packing and wrapping of your belongings and furnishings. She will be there to answer any questions the packers may have and to observe as they load the truck.

Move-In and Set-Up

On move-in day, your Team Lead and a Graceful Transitions crew will direct furniture placement, unpack boxes, put away belongings, set up and organize the kitchen, bathrooms and closets, make the beds, and plug in lamps, TVs, phones and other electronics. They will take great care to assure that, by the end of the day, your new place looks and feels like home. Handyman services are also offered including picture hanging!

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